Private Chapel and Events

Weddings, anniversaries, engagements and any other ceremony

There is a characteristic chapel on the property situated next to the wonderful XVI century manor with an imposing fenced-in park where the owners live.

Thanks to a through restoration made in 2002 the chapel has been brought back to its original splendour and it is now possible to admire the original paint pigments both internal and external. The altar and the sacred vestments, which date back to 1600, have also been restored. The splendid canvas picturing “The Sacred Family”, property of the owners, has been restored completely and dates back to the fifteenth century and it is very similar, in traits and style, to the famous “Sacred Family” by the great Andrea Del Sarto, the 1200 florentine painter, famous all over the world for his extraordinary works of art.

Given the ample internal spaces of the Chapel it is possible to celebrate weddings, blessings, anniversaries, engagements and any other type of event.